10 Coolest Time Travel Video Slots

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Learn which time travel and history real money casino games are making a name for themselves in the online casino world.
Turning the clocks back is something that so many have to do. You're able to have a little more fun with this tradition by checking out some of the highest rated time travel and history video slot machines. Free slots real money can take your mind off today.

Wild West

Take a trip to the saloon and make the most of your time when you battle some of the roughest cowboys. Have a drink on the bartender and learn some tunes with the piano man. This trip is worth taking with the healthy payouts it gives.

A While on the Nile

Be able to match the Pharaohs and take a trip back to the past when large cats were around each corner. There is gold and treasures that are waiting to be found within the pyramids. Who is in charge during this era?

Golden Rome

The Roman ages were not only exciting, but sexy and royal. You're able to become a part of the past when you put the lines together to get your large payout. Overcome the battles, go back to your woman and earn the respect of the town.

Venetian Rose

Become a part of the Victorian ages when you sweep the floors of this ball room game. You're able to meet with some of the kings and queens, while meeting lady luck with the large payout that they provide with the right matches.

Call of the Colosseum

When it comes to meeting your destiny within the ring, you have to fight for your life. Whether it is against another gladiator or against a man eating beast - you can win the round and even get a little cash in the process.

300 Shields

Bringing you back when war was a real thing and men fought to the death in person, there is a lot that goes on within the game. Bring your men to war, match the winning symbols and make sure to take your land back once and for all.

Secrets of the Tomb

Find out what treasures await you inside the tomb of the most loved Pharaohs of the time. You're able to match the symbols, gain your victory and get your gold. Build the pyramid using your workers and gain respect from the towns.

Wildcat Canyon

In the old west, so many things were going on. Not only is this a faced paced video game, but you need to make sure to get the right symbols so you're not faced by Wild Bill, who just might cause you some troubles and lose you some cash.

Rameses's Riches

Bringing you back from the pyramids and into the streets of the town, be the villager that has to make sure to show their affection to the one that rules. With high payouts, low wagers and enough gold to go around, you're able to become royalty one day.

Lucky Tango

Dancing to the music, talking to the ladies and have a good time can be done when you visit the bar. Taking you back to the 50's, you're able to listen to the soothing sounds of the guitar, while winning some cash at the tables.

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